Vacations in Bali

September 8th, 2017

Everyone would love a good vacation after working so hard for the year. There are many choices of an ideal vacation for different people but tropical paradises seem to score high on most people’s favorite holiday list; and no better place is there than idyllic Bali, Indonesia.

Tropical Paradise
Bali is a world renowned Indonesian island that offers great beaches, breath-taking landscapes and warm hospitality by its locals. It is home to more than 3,000,000 residents with great sunshine all year round.

There is a serene aura around the island as it is very steep in religion and tradition; hence, visitors do well to dress modestly and adapt to the local style in dressing and behavior.

Hot Spots
Although it is an island, Bali has many wonderful tourist locations that can amaze your senses. You can visit Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur for some fun and enlightenment. Clean and beautiful sandy beaches greet you everywhere in Bali with coral reefs and varied marine life to add color to your holiday. At night, the cool sea breeze makes this idyllic island most suitable for true romance to happen.

There are many types of accommodation in Bali; prices can range from budget to luxury depending on your pocket size. Villas and 5-star hotels sprout abundantly for your luxurious comfort although budget hotels are available with less privacy and room service. Bali villas are ideal for the family where you can get comfort, privacy and opportunity to cook your own meals, which is a great cost savings while on vacation, especially in Bali.

It is amazing how this tropical paradise truly lives up to its name in more ways than sun and fun; there is no crime rate on this island. It is all about touching base with nature all around you with the volcanoes and swaying palms.

Bali is renowned as the Best Island in the World with its charm and natural beauty. There are many exotic pagodas for one to explore with the serene chants filling the morning air while sandy beaches and lush fields make a tempting attraction into their midst. Bali is a land that exudes various cultures such as Buddhist, Japanese and Balinese.

For the diving enthusiasts, there are a few popular diving spots found in Amed, Tulamben and Nusa Dua where you can enjoy good scuba diving. Surfing is another favorite pastime with paragliding, golf, cycling and sea cruises. These are lovely ways to spend your days at exotic Bali besides getting a certain tan.

Since it is a tropical paradise, the jungles are dense and rich in fauna and flora, making them a definite treat for nature lovers. Bird watchers will have a field day taking in the sights of the many species of birds; if not, the Bird Park will certainly not disappoint. One way to enjoy the jungles of Bali is on an elephant. The great beast of burden is just right for an awesome ride into the jungles and get closer to nature and sky.

Bali is renowned for the many exotic spas it provides as well as the refreshing massages. Every visitor is recommended to try a traditional Balinese massage to feel its refreshing effect. It is extremely different and therapeutic.

The Bali hospitality is to be commended as it is clearly evident in the locals. This is what makes Bali distinct from other holiday resorts.

Imagine Being Told You Are Going to Die

September 8th, 2017

One can’t really imagine the sensation that goes through a person when they hear the death sentence. It’s almost as bad for the close relative(s) who shares the knowledge and goes into early mourning while trying to look and act brave. Friends and family are also deeply affected but may soon wish it was over so as to get on with the next phase. My sister, Robyn, was in this situation and she struggled to understand why her.

Pancreatic cancer is fast but also one of the most painful to experience. The doctor explained it to me as one that eventually bursts blood vessels. Removing the pancreas is impossible as one can’t live without it.

At the time she was diagnosed there were two young Australian men sitting on death’s row in Bali, Indonesia, as a result of drug trafficking. Everyday while dealing with my sister’s plight there’s was widely reported in the media. They and their families were going through the same thing as me only in a different way.

The day Robyn was diagnosed something else weighed heavily on me. As a spiritual person with a link to the Spirit a vision had shown me the location of a missing 3-year-old child on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. He had disappeared from his grandmother’s yard without trace. That meant going to the location and checking it out, which I did.

When this story was breaking on the media a few months earlier a very clear vision showed that he had crawled into a drain and was under the ground. It was not my imagination as the Spirit has given me many visions. With memory of reincarnation my life was planned and the purpose of it is to undo the religious lies that permeate societies globally.

Here were three cases of people looking at death in the face and not one of them could be helped. It matters little if they pray to their gods or look for other ways out because they have been judged for who and what they are. Spiritual people who can be helped have left these things behind them and are in direct contact with the Spirit as I am.

So what’s the point? How can we comfort those who are in these situations? What words will ease their pain or take their minds off their impending demise? No matter how much thought one gives it there is no answer.

My reincarnation shows that heaven and hell are myths while religions thrive because people are tricked by their ideologies. Passage from one life to the next (Job 5:19-22) undermines their authority. How we live our life, however, determines the course of the next one. Tragedies are not governed by what one does in this life as much as by what one has done throughout all of their lives.